Exciting new company launches in TO!

EyeCandy TO is the brainchild of two very creative individuals who share a passion for all things edible.  ECTO is an image consultancy shop for the food industry in Toronto, providing original images of food and/or beverages for commercial applications.

A chemist turned food photographer, food blogger and avid social media user and a chef, food stylist, strategist, marketing, advertising and communications guy with an eye for detail make up this team.

We are a team who really understands food from different perspectives and how people react to it, we have an advantage in helping you communicate and showcase this to your customers and as part of your business and image.

Let our work speak for itself, contact us and tell us how we can help.


Ann Gagno, Photography Officer.  Ann is a former pharmaceutical laboratory geek who did a 180-degree-turn to live and breathe photography.  A foodie with a camera for an appendage, she approaches her projects with precision and is meticulous to the smallest detail.  (More info.)


Abraham Wornovitzky, Food & Communications Officer.  Abraham is a certified Chef, food expert and stylist.  He also provides strategic planning, consumer knowledge, as well as communications & project coordination.  Mixing these two fields together with his eye for detail and love for the visual arts makes Abraham happy.  (More info.)

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