The Cookbook Store

One of what we consider to be an EyeCandy(TO) of a store is The Cookbook Store north of Yonge and Bloor.  This store is any Chef & foodie’s haven as it has every kind of cookbook you can think of.  Whether Canadiana or ethnic cuisine,  trendy or classical, you can find the style you are looking for here.  It isn’t always just for people who are passionate about cooking.  Cookbooks are generally a good read.  It is where people can learn about history, motivations and passion of those who love the food illustrated in the book.

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EyeCandyTO has a personal sentimental connection with this store.  It was here where Ann, the Photography Officer, got one of her first milestones, selling greeting cards with her food photography on it.  The Cookbook Store Manager, Alison Fryer, whom Ann met at the Women’s Culinary Network here in Toronto, gave her a chance to do her first experiments of being  a food photographer.  It was that kind of a personal satisfaction that you would not forget.

A couple of weeks ago, we received an invitation to visit the store on Saturday, April 6.  It happened to be the store’s 30th anniversary.  When we, the EyeCandyTO team arrived at the store, it was packed to the gills with well-wishers.  What added an extra spark was that they hosted a book-signing of FoodTV Network celebrity Jame Cunningham’s Eat.St’s cookbook.  On the sidelines were collages of images from past book signings from very popular authors.   There was enough cake to feed a the big crowd that filled the store.  We were particularly impressed by the vegan chocolate cake that came from Whole Foods.  We would have not guessed that it was not your conventional recipe as it was moist, delicious and deeply chocolatey.

If you are a foodie, we recommend that you swing by the store.  We bet you will come out the door with a cookbook or two in tow.

You can find them at:

The Cookbook Store
850 Yonge St. at Yorkville Avenue Toronto Ontario, M4W 2H1

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