The Silver Platter Cookbook by Daniella Silver

When EyeCandyTO was formed, and even way before that, both Ann & Abe dreamt of having their names on the cover of cookbooks and food magazines.  These two had a dream & destiny, and a lot of persistence and hard work, have made this a reality.

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For the past years, Ann & Abe have collected great milestones in the work they do for the clients as well as in the kind of clients they work for, but most importantly in the scope of their work.  It is said that dreams, goals and passions bring people together.  A perfect example of this can be seen in the pages of The Silver Platter Cookbook published by Artscroll, which was officially launched on May 5, 20015 here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  A simple Facebook post was turned into an introduction at a coffee shop which has now become, after a whole year of hard work, into the beautiful cookbook that we all dreamed about many years ago.

This cookbook came together from the joint passionate love for family-friendly, simple and spectacular food by Daniella Silver and Norene Gilletz.  Every pre-production meeting to sketch every single photograph, every prep day, every late night shooting, every new plate or bowl, every minute working hard while getting to know each other has resulted in a dream with more than 300 pages that we are all very proud to share.

To see some samples of the photos, please click here.

The cookbook is now available for pre-ordering at &  We are ecstatic that the book has quickly climbed the book ranks and is currently 30th in the Amazon Bestsellers Rank.  It is such a surreal experience to see the enthusiastic response and to hear all the positive feedback from the people who have seen and purchased it.

Congratulations Daniella for the success of the book and we wish you more success to come.   Your passion for good, simple and spectacular food resonates with the recipes you have shared through The Silver Platter.  Thank you for sharing this unforgettable experience with us at EyeCandyTO!

Let’s keep dreaming!

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