Enjoy A Virtual Cup of Civet Coffee From EyeCandyTO

Specialty coffee Royal Sulu Civet coffee is coming to Toronto. Full bodied with notes of chocolate and caramel, this coffee is considered one of Philippines best.  This coffee does not go through the usual harvest, drying and roasting process.  Coffee beans came from the refuse of a wild civet cat.  Civet cats are nocturnal animals that have the uncanny ability to choose the ripest and best coffee cherries and only consumes the flesh of the cherry. Enzymes in the civet’s digestive tract somehow remove the bitterness of the coffee and enhance the flavor of the beans.  Once excreted, the beans are laboriously harvested, hygienically cleaned, washed thoroughly, dried and roasted.  The resulting coffee bean has a complex flavor with notes of chocolate and caramel to its full-bodied brew.  Currently Royal Sulu Civet Coffee is on the works to be imported to Toronto, Europe and Southeast Asia.    EyeCandyTO was commissioned for the shoot for advertising and marketing images of this product.

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Drawing from Ann’s childhood memories, together with EyeCandyTO food stylist, Abraham Wornovitzky, the planning started on how to represent the product.  We went for depicting an Asian inspired tonality.  Lighting and propping were playing with colors of rich browns and sienna and deep hues of blues.  As we were planning, Ann’s brain went on overdrive, excited for the possibility of creating a beautiful image that would speak of her heritage and our love for coffee.

After the planning, research, and picking on Ann’s brain and memories, the shoot finally happened this week.  We wanted to share the images that have given us such an adrenalin rush, from its conception to the resultant images that EyeCandyTO created. Enjoy a virtual cup of Civet coffee from us, and soon enough you’ll be able to enjoy a real one here in our city.

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