Changing Seasons with EyeCandyTO

Here’s some food for thought…

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It’s springtime and the trees are turning green again. New grass is growing and you decided to go for a walk with your loved one. After feeling the sun against your skin for the first time in months and having the first drops of sweat on your forehead you stop at the local ice cream shop for a scoop of silky vanilla ice cream served in a golden crunchy waffle cone. As you’re walking out with your ice cream, it is starting to melt and drip down the cone. You feel the urge to lick it right away, quickly so it doesn’t drip anymore… you also want to bite into that crunchy cone.

Now change of scenery. It’s a hot summer day, you are out by the lake with your friends. It’s a very hot day and you have all been swimming and taking the rays in. All of a sudden one of your friends comes out with a big cold pitcher of pink lemonade. The glass pitcher is wet with all the condensation; you can see the ice and sliced lemons inside. You’re thirsty and want nothing more than a tall glass of that sweet cold lemonade to quench your thirst.

Or how about this? One cool day in October, you go visit your parents back home. After a long drive, your mom surprises you with her famous pumpkin pie. As you catch up with your folks at the dinner table, your mom grabs a knife and cuts into the beautiful homemade pie. The crust is buttery and the filling is rich and very aromatic… childhood memories simply rush through your head.

We can all create a picture in our minds of all these comforting scenarios. We can almost smell, taste and see all these textures and flavours. But EyeCandyTO’s mission is to generate images that help your business communicate all this by styling and taking pictures of your food.

Great food photography is an important aspect in any food related business in terms of branding and marketing. It is important to remember that we eat with our eyes first, and if you are taking all your time to develop seasonal menus, it is important to create appetizing food photos to grab your clients’ attention and keep them coming back.

Did you know that you only have approximately three seconds to grabs a viewer’s attention? This is a very good reason why the images should be something memorable. Having good photography will capture your audience’s attention and will engage them in more than those three seconds.

We have all been to a restaurant, purchased a product or bought a magazine because of a food shot that we saw and really made our stomachs growl and our mouths water. A good food photograph should convey to current and potential clients your food style, your aesthetic and your vibe.

We live in a visual age, good photographs should be used not only in our websites and print materials, but we can use them in social media to drive people to our businesses. The same way we have learned the importance of updating the text in our websites and to continuously communicate with our clients and prospective clientele, we need to make sure our whole content is fresh and we need to remember, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

As the summer starts to wind down, we need to start thinking of our fall menus and the photographs that will go with them. So give us a call and let is translate your next menus into mouthwatering photos.

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