Wing Ideas for Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl 50 is right around the corner & the EyeCandyTO team just wanted to give you some pointers and ideas for making fantastic chicken wings, as they are the staple food for the Big Game.  Follow some simple rules and have your guests licking their fingers while watching the game.  Let the best team win!SuperBowl2016


  • When buying whole wings, always separate into drumettes and flats.
  • Always dry them before cooking, start with a paper towel, and if time permits, leave to air dry for a few hours in the fridge.  This will make for a crispier wing.
  • To coat or not to coat? Coating with seasoned flour, corn flour or cornstarch can produce a delicious and crispier exterior, but on the downside, the wing can become flabby quicker, especially when sauced.  So make the decision based on amount to be made and how long they will be sitting out.
  • When baking and broiling (instead of frying) always line your baking sheet with parchment paper or fit it with an oven-safe wire rack.
  • Cook wings first to get them crispy and then toss them in the sauce before serving.  By saucing them after, you will produce a crispier wing and will better control the spread of the sauce and/or drizzle.
  • In most cases it is better to heat up the sauce/drizzle before tossing the wings, this will help to incorporate all the ingredients better and keep the wings hot.  Use a bowl, either stainless steel, ceramic or glass and a pair of tongs to better mix the wings with the sauce/drizzle.  Remember to add the toppings after the wings have been tossed.


Different chefs and different publications make different recommendations on how to make the perfect chicken wing.  We consider that all these methods are valid and it all depends on personal preference when it comes to the perfect wing.  Give these methods a try and let us know what you think.

  • Fry (deep or shallow), then cool, then fry again, then toss in sauce
  • Coat (seasoned flour, corn flour or cornstarch), then fry (deep or shallow), then cool, then fry again, then toss in sauce
  • Bake, then broil on high until crispy, then toss in sauce
  • Boil (in water, stock, beer, water + vinegar, etc.), then dry, then broil on high until crispy, then toss in sauce
  • Steam, then bake, then finish with a broil on high until crispy, then toss in sauce


By combining some of these ingredients, you can create a a lot of different combinations, just get inspired and experiment!

Honey | BBQ Sauce | Ketchup | Hot Sauce | Melted Butter | Sou Sauce | Hoisin Sauce | Teriyaki | Oyster Sauce | Agave Syrup | Beer | Lemon Juice | Lime Juice | Orange Juice | Peanut Butter | Sriracha | Fish Sauce | White Vinegar | Cider Vinegar | Balsamic Vinegar or Balsamic Reduction | Mustard | Olive Oil | Coconut Oil | Maple Syrup | Pickle Juice | Sesame Oil | Bacon Fat


These topping ingredients, when mixed with the previous ingredients will add a new layer of flavour, plus some will add an element of crunch and/or freshness which can be very satisfying.  Add the toppings after the wings have been tossed in the sauce/glaze.

Sesame Seeds | Green Onions | Lemon Zest | Lime Zest | Orange Zest | Dried Garlic | Chives | Oregano | Cilantro | Chili Flakes | Cumin | Za’atar | Onion Flakes |Basil (fresh or dried) | Thyme | Rosemary | Celery Seeds | Crushed Nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews, etc.) | Crumbled Cheeses (Feta, Blue, etc.) | Bacon Bits | Ginger (fresh or dry) | Lemon Grass


  1. The Honey-Mustard Wing: Honey + Mustard + Chives
  2. The Buffalo Wing: Hot Sauce + Melted Butter + Blue Cheese Dip
  3. The Spicy Szechuan Wing: BBQ Sauce + Sriracha + Sesame Oil + Sesame Seeds + Green Onions + Chili Flakes
  4. The Mexican Wing: Agave Syrup + Lime Juice + Hot Sauce + Lime Zest + Cumin + Cilantro
  5. The Sweet with a Kick Wing: Honey + Dried Garlic + Chili Flakes
  6. The Thai Wing: Peanut Butter + Hot Water + Fish Sauce + Sriracha + Lime Juice + Chives + Crushed Peanuts
  7. The Hot Chinese Wing: Hoisin Sauce + Orange Juice + Orange Zest + Ginger Powder +  Chili Flakes + Green Onions
  8. The Greek Wing: Olive Oil + Honey + Lemon Juice + Lemon Zest + Oregano
  9. The Fancy Wing: Balsamic Reduction + Maple Syrup + Basil + Onion Flakes
  10. The Spicy Zesty Wing: Melted Butter + Lemon Zest + Lime Zest + Orange Zest + Chili Flakes + Dried Garlic
  11. The Caesar’s Wing: Ketchup + Hot Sauce + Pickle Juice + Celery Seeds + Lemon Zest
  12. The Canadian Wing: Maple Syrup + Bacon Fat + Rosemary + Bacon Bits

It’s all in how you combine your ingredients…  remember to explore new combinations and make it your own!!

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